This month's smoothie is one of my ultimate favorite's (it NEVER gets old) 😊

This is for the chocolate lovers, or the peanut butter lovers , or the banana... you get the point. I enjoy a smoothie immediately after my workout and sometimes as a snack before dinner. I use this to feel me up and give me a good dose of protein as I work to build my muscles. 

Chocolate City 🍫

  • one peeled banana
  • one tablespoon chocolate syrup- you can also use cocoa powder or chocolate milk
  • three tablespoon peanut butter- if you're heavy scooped like me this may be two big one's (smile)
  • one scoop of your favorite protein- Mine is " Women's Best" Vegan Vanilla Protein
  • one cup your favorite milk- I use Vanilla SoyMilk (any kind will do)
  • one teaspoon Chia & Flax seeds mixed -you can do either or , or none just some more protein and omega-3


Did you give this smoothie a try... Let us know, leave a comment below 😋

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